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Tips for a Cooler Roof



Cool roofs maintain a lower surface temperature under direct sunlight than traditional roofs. Their surface bounces back more sunlight and releases more heat than a hot or dark roof. With a cool roof, you’ll see significant energy savings since less heat travels down from the roof to your home’s living areas. 

Read on to learn ways to get a cooler roof from a trusted roofing professional.  


Specialized Roof Coatings 

Most kinds of roofs can be converted into a cool one through special coatings or surface materials. They can be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto an existing roof. Some states already require cool roofs for new commercial construction. Cool roof requirements depend on the roof’s slope, with stricter requirements for low-sloped systems. You need to first determine the slope of your roof to find out which roofing materials are ideal for your home.  


Built-Up Roofing 

If your roof has been experiencing a lot of issues, ask yourself, “Do I need a new roof?” An inspection from an experienced contractor will help you determine if it’s time for a roof replacement. Consider built-up roofing (BUR) because it’s cost-effective as well as easy to install and repair. Is BUR is also one of the most popular options for low-slope and flat roofs. The installation of this material involves layering a base sheet of asphalt or bitumen with fabric. Installers then add a protective gravel layer, mineral granules or aggregate rock. One way to create a cool BUR roof is to replace the surface layer with white gravel or reflective marble chips for increased solar reflectance. A mineral=surfaced cap sheet can also be applied to the material itself.  


Choose the Right Shingles 

Cool asphalt shingles consist of specially-coated reflective granules, so they reflect sunlight better. Wood, metal and polymer shingles can also be coated for improved solar reflectance. Cool shingles with white granules have a cost similar to standard dark asphalt shingles.  

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