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The Benefits of Low-Slope Roof Waterproofing


Low-slope roofing is the ideal roofing system for homes situated in areas often hit by storms. However, it has certain setbacks that, fortunately, can be addressed by our waterproof coating solutions. In this blog, emergency roof contractor Roof Technologies shares a look at how our roof coatings can help you get the most of your low-slope roof. 


Qualities of Low-Slope Roofing 

One of the greatest advantages of low-slope roofing is that it can withstand high winds better, thanks to its shape. Steep roofs tend to meet high winds head on, which means the roofing slope would absorb the full force of the wind. Low-slope roofs, on the other hand, would let most of the wind pass over it, resulting in minimal damage. 

However, low-slope roofing is not as efficient as its steep counterparts when it comes to shedding rainwater. In the case of flat roofing, ponding water is likely to form. Combined with other roofing issues like punctures from roof hail damage or foot traffic, ponding water may lead to water intrusion. 


Low-Slope Roof Waterproofing 

Roof Technologies offers low-slope roof waterproofing. It is a liquid coating applied to the entire roof area that creates a protective layer once set. It works in most low-sloped roof designs and covers small punctures that could otherwise allow rainwater to leak into the attic. Note that not all roofs need a protective coating. Our specialists will need to thoroughly inspect the roof first to determine if a coat of waterproofing is ideal. 

For those roofs that do need waterproofing, it can help improve its durability. A low-slope roof nearing the end of its expected life span can be given new life with roof waterproofing. This is the ideal solution if you’re not yet prepared to undertake a full roofing replacement. A postponed roof replacement also means you’re keeping roofing waste from getting into landfills. Also, waterproof coatings are generally lighter in color than the original roof, which improves the roof’s reflectiveness and increases your home’s energy efficiency. 

Roof Technologies is the best roofing contractor for all your roofing needs. To learn more about our low-slope roof waterproofing service, give us a call at (713) 244-5520 or fill out our contact form. 

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