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When you have a low-slope roof (defined as a slope of less than 3 inches every foot), you have different roofing needs than a home with a steeper slope. Roof Technologies.Net provides roof repair, maintenance and new roof installation for homes and multi-family buildings with low-slope roofing. We work with Most Insurance Companies, condominium associations and individual homeowners to help find the right solution for roof leak repairs or a new roof installation.
Low Slope

Low-Slope Roof Challenges

Homes with a low slope have several challenges, especially when it comes time for a new roof. First, you want a roof that looks great and compliments your home. Second, you want one that can stand up to high Texas winds and excessively heavy rainfall. It needs to remain watertight, even when exposed to the hot Texas sun, year after year. That’s why Roof Technologies.Net offers several different products with different installation methods. We’ll find one the fits your home’s style and your budget, and get your new roof installed so it lasts.

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Roof Technologies.Net works with all insurance companies on roof repair. If you have an emergency roof repair need, call us and we’ll take measures to stop water from getting into your home. We’ll document the work we did and provide the information to your insurance adjuster. From there, we’ll make sure that your claim is fairly covered by your homeowner’s insurance company. Of course, if you have a roof leak from an aging roof or another non-insurance-related reason, we offer comprehensive roof repair too.

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