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There’s more to a roofing inspection than just looking at the roof. In fact, roofing contractors who do the job right walk the entire roof, inspecting it from the inside and outside. They use tools like ROOFLOGIC software to provide the homeowner with as complete an inspection and report as possible. You can trust the experts at Roof Technologies.Net to complete a thorough, detailed inspection.

Why You Need a Roofing Inspection

There are many reasons you may want to call roofing contractors to ask about their inspections. Some of those reasons include:

  • For a complete evaluation of the roof of a home you’re considering purchasing.
  • Before you sell a home to make any minor repairs and promote the health and remaining life of the roof.
  • Because you’ve not had a roofing inspection in more than five years and you want to know the state of your roofing system.
  • To have written proof of the state of your roof so in the event you have to file an insurance claim due to storm damage, you have evidence that your roof was previously in good condition.

What’s Included in a Complete Roofing Inspection?

Not all roofing contractors go to the same lengths as the team at Roof Technologies.Net. Because we use ROOFLOGIC software to help generate your roofing inspection report, you’ll get a more detailed and comprehensive evaluation of your roofing system. Every written inspection report from Roof Technologies.Net includes:

  • Assessment of R-value and state of insulation.
  • Ventilation evaluation.
  • Any visible interior damage including mold or dry rot.
  • Details about roof leaks.
  • Condition of flashing, fascia and soffits.
  • Evaluation of shingles.
  • Estimate of remaining roof life.

Of course, we’ll also provide an estimate for the recommended repair work and if you choose us to perform the work, we’ll amend our report to note that proper repairs were completed.

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