Roof Technologies.Net Accepts All Insurance Claims

You have homeowner’s insurance to protect your home and its contents. If your home suffers wind, hail or other storm damage, you’ll need a company you can count on for roof restoration. Roof Technologies.Net has vast experience working with insurance companies on both storm damage roof repair and roof replacement.

We Will Advocate on Your Behalf

Sometimes an insurance company doesn’t do right by its customers. If we don’t believe that the assessment of the damage and the settlement your insurer is offering is accurate or fair, Roof Technologies.Net will advocate on your behalf. We’ll meet with you and the adjuster at your home to go over the damage we see and work to get your roof restoration covered completely.

At Roof Technologies.Net, we care deeply about our customers and their homes and safety. This is why our motto is “Stay Sheltered Under a Sturdy Roof,” which is why we’ll never settle for less than a proper restoration for our customers. Because we use state-of-the-art technology to assess your roof, your insurance company will have the information it needs to see the damage as we see it.

Expert Roof Restoration

Don’t let the insurance company talk you into using their roofer. After all, they’ve negotiated with that roofing company the cheapest rate possible to get your roof fixed. That often means inferior products and shortcuts. When you trust Roof Technologies.Net with your roof restoration, we will use quality products on the entire job. We’ll also do the job right so you can take comfort that your roof will once again fully protect your home and family.

Let’s Get Started!

If you are ready to work with a roofing company that will be there for you through the entire process, call Roof Technologies.Net at (713) 725-3363, or complete our contact form and we’ll call you.

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