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We accept all insurance claims and will advocate with your insurance company on your behalf if we don’t believe you’re getting fair coverage. Roof Technologies.Net has decades of experience assessing hail and storm damage, and we know that unattended hail damage leads to a leaking roof. If we believe your roof leak is the result of hail damage, we’ll let you know that too.

How Hail Damages a Roof

Even small hail can cause damage to shingles. Depending on the age of your shingles and the size of the hailstorm, how the hail damage appears varies. If you have an older roof and the shingles are dried out, a hailstone of just about any size can crack the shingle. New shingles can be dented and the bruised area becomes a weak point that eventually leads to a leaking roof. We’ve even seen hail-punctured shingles under the right conditions!

How to Assess for Hail Damage

After any storm, it’s a good idea to walk around your home and check for damage. As you look at your roof, look for lifted shingles, dark or light spots on your shingles in random patterns, and shingles that no longer have the same straight edge as the others.

Keep in mind that not all hail damage is visible from the ground; it takes a trained professional to spot some types of hail damage. If you suspect you have hail damage, don’t wait. Call Roof Technologies.Net for a professional assessment and estimate. If needed, you can then call your insurance company and report the claim.

Let’s Get Started!

Once you give us the go-ahead to fix hail damage, whether that means roof repair or total roof replacement, we’ll get started and restore your roof to its previous condition. You deserve to “Stay Sheltered Under a Sturdy Roof.” Don’t wait until you have a leaking roof; call Roof Technologies.Net at (713) 725-3363 or fill out our contact form as soon as you realize there’s damage.

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