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Roof Technologies.Net is a residential & multi-family roofing service company knowledgable in all aspects of steep and low sloped roofing systems. We have the dual ability to offer both general roofing and related services and/or inspection and assessments via the ROOFLOGIC software platform. In other words, if you simply need to know how much life is left in your roof and the approximate cost to replace your roof we can provide that information to you. We use a complex data based software named ROOFLOGIC to gather the data and provide the electronic PDF reports. Our goal is your satisfaction no matter the request and we simply want the opportunity to showcase our excellent customer service skills.

About us

Roof Technologies.Net started in business in 1999 under the name of MRT Services, Inc. and changed it’s name in 2009 to better reflect the type of business entity we had become. The name Roof Technologies.Net not only defines the type of company we are but also has come to be synonymous with the phrase, “Your Shelter from the Storm”. The ownership of Roof Technologies.Net has over 37 years of continuous roofing industry experience in multiple facets of the business. That does not mean to imply we are know-it-all, quite the opposite. But we have seen a lot and know where to turn when we are stumped. Whether or not your roof situation is storm and insurance related or simply outlived it’s useful life-cycle we can provide the expertise to repair or replace your roof and related components.

Our team

The team at Roof Technologies.Net is small but characteristically family centered and grounded in the community. The founder, Alan Wilson, has spent the last 37 years honing his skills at estimating, project managing both residential and commercial jobs and servicing clients’ needs throughout Texas and Louisiana. Alan likes to say, “My real education in roofing began after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans where I spent almost five years working on every conceivable type of roof known to man and then some.” The team at Roof Technologies.Net is joined by Rob Dushek, from The Woodlands, Texas , an engineer by training. Between these two veteran roofers there are not too many roof related problems they cannot solve including the cumbersome Windstorm requirements of the coastal areas south of Houston.

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