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3 Signs Your Prospective Roofer Is Not Up to the Task



Roofing work is a faith-based job, so to speak; it’s important to hire a contractor wisely. Many roof-related issues stem from the use of substandard materials and poor workmanship, which can be attributed to the roofer responsible for the project. Since you have to rely on what your contractor says or does, your project is doomed to fail when you choose an unreliable roofer. 

To tell if your prospective roofer is truly the “best roofing contractor” in town or just another untrustworthy character, look for the red flags below. 


Refusing to Provide Reliable References 

Reputable contractors get business through word-of-mouth advertising. They want their previous customers to talk to help build them a good reputation in as many communities as possible. If they are proud of their past projects and have nothing to hide, they should have no qualms about sharing several references. 

Having said that, rejecting the opportunity to receive free marketing push from previous customers is a curious contractor behavior, especially when a roofer is experienced. 


Declining to Apply for a Permit 

Any major construction project, like a significant roof hail damage repair, merits a building permit. Applying for one triggers oversight by the authorities, for a qualified inspector wants to make sure everything is done according to the code. Mistrust any contractor who seems allergic to a building permit application when it is necessary. 


Requesting for an Unreasonable Down Payment 

Roof Technologies admits that demanding for an upfront payment is common practice. The problem is some roofers abuse it. 

A reputable emergency roof contractor may request for a down payment not because the funds are necessary to jump-start the project. Rather, you may be asked to pay earnest money, which shouldn’t be much, to work you into the schedule. 

A roofer who needs a large advance is liable to steal from you, to hold you hostage when the construction begins, or to buy supplies. The last one may seem reasonable, but suppliers generally allow contractors to get materials on credit. If your roofer does not have such a luxury, it is probably not in good standing, which can be a red flag on its own. 

Entrust your roofing project to a contractor with a solid track record over the past 20 years. Call Roof Technologies at (713) 244-5520 now to discuss your home improvement needs and get a free estimate. 


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